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About Our Rubble Chutes

Rubble Chutes are the perfect way to remove rubble or household waste safely from multi-storied buildings to the rubble dump or waste container.

Rubble Chute Composition
The Rubble, Waste or Safety Chute consists of two parts, namely:
- The Receiver which is located on the appropriate floor or level of the building where the    rubble or waste is generated.
- The Chute which guides the waste as it falls to a safe area on the ground or skip.

Features and Benefits:
- Made from durable Polyethelyne
- No corrosion or rust
- Versatile
- Minimum noise levels
- Easy to install
- Promotes safety on any building site

Rubble Chutes Rubble Chutes

Rubble or Waste Receivers are placed in line, but on different floors.

The Chute Receivers must be anchored on every second floor with a Waste Receiver to ensure safety and stability. A maximum of 4 to 5 chutes per receiver is specified and this specification must be adhered to.

The Rubble Chutes are extended by linking numerous chutes together until the required height is reached.

Fittings supplied with Receiver / Chute:
2 x 5mm x 1,2 meter chains

Fittings not included, but also supplied by RMCS:
2 x 4 meter Scaffold Tube
2 x 1 meter Scaffold Tube
4 x (50mm x 50mm) bands with back plate eyebolt
2 x Swivel Coupler with base plate

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