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About Our Rebar Safety Caps

Rebar Safety Caps, tampa de segurança vergalhão

Our Rebar Safety Caps can be used to protect construction workers from the danger of being pierced by protruding rebar. Rebar sticking out from pillars or columns on a slab present the real danger of piercing workers who may trip and fall on site. Rebar sticking out from the sides of slabs could cause workers to loose an eye.

The minimal cost of using rebar safety caps on a construction site is insignificant compared to lost man hours that may result from injuries. Using our rebar safety caps is a small price to pay for the safety of workers on site.

There are three sizes available, one size to fit from 8mm to 20mm rebar, a rebar safety cap for 25mm rebar and a rebar safety cap for 32mm rebar. They are strong and a neccesity on any construction site. Money can be saved by using our safety caps over and over again.

Dia. (mm)
Rebar Safety Cap Orange - fits 8mm to 20mm rebar
Rebar Safety Cap Orange - fits 25mm to 32mm rebar

Minimum order one bag

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