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Arguably the most novel, simple to use and comprehensive tilt-up construction formwork system on the international market!

Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd acquired the exclusive rights to distribute the Panelware/Tiltform Site Cast / Tilt-Up Formwork Systems and SPARTAN Precast Concrete System in Africa, from SRB SYSTEMS in Australia. SRB SYSTEMS provide faster, safer, easier and more cost-effective systems and product alternatives for the tiltup and precast construction industry.

Panelware Tiltup Construction Site Stack Casting System

Panelware™ is a patented, innovative, stack casting tilt-up system comprising of just 8 main components including sideform, corner, top and bottom brackets which are lightweight, compact and very easy to use..

Tilt-up construction saves effort, time, energy and money and provides a superior alternative to any other form of construction.

Panelware Tiltup Construction Site Stack Casting System

Panelware Tiltup Construction Site Stack Casting System Panelware, Easier, Better and Faster Tiltup Construction



Manufactured from structural grade aluminium, Panelware™ edge form is strong and lightweight, preventing injury from strain and heavy lifting.


Panelware™ allows for unobstructed access from all sides of the panel and helps save on concrete pump costs by pouring directly from the truck into the panel with ease.


Panelware ™allows you to stack cast as many panels as necessary, providing versatility required on difficult to access sites. Panelware™: The aluminium edge form system that has revolutionised the tilt-up segment of the market…


  • Significant time and material cost savings
  • No timber or nailing required
  • Unobstructed and safe access from all sides
  • Fully adjustable to manufacture any size panel
  • Compact, light and simple to bolt together
  • Re-useable job after job, year after year
  • Stack cast as many panels as you like, there is no limit
  • Infinite accuracy achievable
  • One bracket set compatible with 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm Edge Forms
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