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About Our Concretors Nippers or Rebar Tying Pliers

Concretors Nippers or Pliers

Our branded Concretor Nippers are made in Germany. In addition to our own RMCS branded rebar fixing pliers, we also stock Knipex fixing pliers. They are robust and durable and are rated very highly by our customers. The main application for our branded Concretors Nippers is twisting and cutting off tie wire or binding wire, when fixing or tying rebar into place.

Our branded nippers are also suitable for various other work with wire. A typical feature is the short head and the long, slim shanks on the pliers, which make it possible to turn our them easily and quickly.

Our range of Concretors Nippers open and close smoothly and have very precise cutting edges, which also cut soft wire with spring.

About Our Black Annealed Fixing or Tie Wire

Black Annealed tie wire or fixing wire

We sell our 1.6mm black annealed rebar fixing wire or tie wire in 50 Kilogram rolls. The diameter of the rebar fixing or tie wire in 1.6mm. You are advised to always use our branded fixing pliers or concretors nippers, to tie the rebar.

About Our 1.2mm Galvanised Fixing or Tie Wire

1.2mm Galvanised tie wire or fixing wire

We sell our 1.2mm galvanised wire in 50 Kilogram rolls. The diameter of the rebar fixing or tie wire in 1.2mm.

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