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About Our Manual Rebar Cutters and Benders

Manual Rebar Cutter and Bender, Manual de Vergalhão Cortadores and Benders

Our Manual Rebar cutter and bender was designed for cutting and bending concrete reinforcing steel rods (Rebar) on site.

Features drop-forged high grade alloy tool steel blades with special heat-treatment.

Cuts rebar safely, cleanly and efficiently with minimal effort.

Bends rebar up to 180 degrees with versatile operation.

Can be bolted to floor or board for easy operation.

Cutting and bending head can be bought and replaced separately.

Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd is the largest supplier of accessories, tools and equipment for placing and fixing rebar in Africa. We have a large variety of portable rebar cutting and bending equipment, to make the placement of rebar as simple as possible. Our portable cutting and bending equipment will allow you, not only to cut and bend rebar on site, but to also cut and bend rebar in-situ.

Tool No.
Capacity up to
Weight Kgs.
13mm rebar
RC 16-BN
16mm rebar
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